1. 01Official Title: Kiwifruit
  2. 02Nickname: Chinese Gooseberry
  3. 03Genus: Actinidia
  4. 04Species: A. arguta, A. chinensis, A. deliciosa, A. eriantha, and more
  5. 05Botany: Kiwifruits are botanically berries
  6. 06Origin: North-central and eastern China
  7. 07Climate: Grown in most temperate climates with adequate summer heat
  8. 08US: Introduced in 1962
  9. 09Production: Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece
  10. 10Music: Kiwi by Maroon 5, Kiwi Fruit by Michael Monroe


The Average Kiwifruit Has 46 Calories

Kiwi fruit facts reveal that kiwifruit is a great type of fruit to have if you are worried about calories. An average sized kiwifruit, which weighs around 2.7 ounces, has only 46 calories and contains just 0.01 ounces of fat.

If you prefer to do the math in cups, one cup of kiwifruit has around 108 calories; only 7.7 of those calories are from fat. The rest are from carbohydrates (93.5 calories) and protein (6.8 calories). But kiwifruits are not only an excellent choice calorie-wise: an average-sized kiwifruit also contains around 0.09 ounces of dietary fiber, which is very important for the proper functioning of your digestive system. Apart from that, kiwi seed oil is also full of other great stuff, such as alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid, a number of carotenoids, and many other substances that your body simply cannot do without.


Kiwifruits Are Incredibly Nutritious

Previous kiwi fruit facts have already shown that kiwis are incredibly low in calories and high on many other nutritious substances, of which vitamins may be the most important ones of them all. Vitamins are organic compounds that our bodies need to sustain life, and kiwi fruit facts show that kiwis are loaded with them.

A cup of kiwi contains 3% of our recommended daily intake of vitamin A, 273% of vitamin C, 13% of vitamin E, 89% of vitamin K, 3% of thiamin, 3% of riboflavin, 3% of niacin, 6% of vitamin B6, 11% of folate, and 3% of pantothenic acid. In addition, kiwi fruits are also rich in potassium and fiber.